Huawei day sailing

Customer: HUAWEI

Scope: To entertain and enhance bonding with important B2B customers.

Description of event: The events usually started at noon with busses picking up guests from their offices. Various large yachts and motor sailers have been used to offer increased guest capacity together with a luxury flavour. In some cases, presentations took place on board while in other cases the guests just went out for a swim. Different itineraries have been used in each case. Dinner was served on board and all events ended late at night with the busses returning the guests back to their pick-up points.

Sail+ role: End to end organisation and set up of the event. Charter management, catering, etc.

Event website: –


Events held so far:

  1. 14 July 2010 with M/Y AMZ for VODAFONE
  2. 9 September 2010 with M/S ARKTOS for COSMOTE
  3. 11 July 2011 with M/S ALEXANDROS – ACHILLEAS for VODAFONE
  4. 22 July 2011 with M/S ALEXANDROS – ACHILLEAS for WIND